Most frequently asked questions about Rent-a-Vaporizer

The loan devices are always new or as new, as well as hygienic and technically perfect. After the return, each vaporizer is thoroughly checked, Wearing parts such as sieves, seals and air filters are replaced or cleaned as required, and mouthpieces are thoroughly disinfected or also replaced. You can be sure that every device arrives in perfect condition. If there should be something to complain about despite all our efforts, we are always available to find a solution!
With placing your order you pay the rent for the booked period and the corresponding deposit for the selected device. The rental period begins when your order is dispatched and ends when you hand it over to DHL.

If you will book early enough in advance, we will send it in good time so that you can hold the vaporizer in your hands even on the first day of the booking. If the booked rental period is overdrawn, we will deduct the regular daily price from your deposit for each overdue day. Please make sure to pack all accessories when returning. Unfortunately, we have to bill you for missing accessories.
Treat the vaporizer as if it were your property!
Follow the manufacturer's instructions for use and cleaning, then normal signs of use are no problem!
In the case of major damage, e.g. If the instructions for use are disregarded, caused by intent or gross negligence and / or impair the function of the device, you are liable with your deposit. We cannot accept any liability for damage to property and / or personal injury that can be attributed to improper use!
In general, if you decide to buy within 10 days of returning the rental device, you will receive a new device from us and we will add the rent to the purchase price for up to three days!
The minimum rental period is always 3 days, everything below just doesn't make sense. Should this be different in exceptional cases, we will of course expressly point this out. In principle, you can of course rent the devices as long as you like within the available periods. But before you end up paying more than the purchase price for the rent, you should decide to buy as early as possible. Then we will add up to 3 days of the rent to the purchase price!