It will start soon!

The MoJamba vaporizer rental is expected to start in January 2020. The final preparations are underway so that we can offer you numerous great vaporizers to borrow at this point soon.

Just drop in regularly or sign up for the newsletter so you don't miss the start.

Why should I rent a vaporizer?

The purchase of a vaporizer should be considered carefully. It is not uncommon for an ill-considered or incorrect purchase decision to lead to great frustration and wasted money. Because the best vaporizer is of no use, if it is lying unused in the corner due to the lack of the required properties. And why does it have to be the best, isn't a vaporizer in the lower price range enough?

Rent-A-Vap by MoJamba allows you to test your favorite extensively before buying and to find out whether vaping herbs is really right for you.

Maybe you only need the vaporizer for a certain time, so a purchase is out of the question. Be it for medical reasons, or simply for the next smoke-in (or steam-in) with the buddies. Maybe you own a table vaporizer like the Volcano or the Extreme Q and need a mobile solution for a limited time. 

Maybe you already own a mobile Vapo and just want to convince yourself of the advantages of a stationary device ...

Vaporizer rental by MoJamba has many advantages! 

Qnubu Rosin Heißdruckpresse 300kg Leihgerät
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