Hemp Food & Trends

Hemp Food & Trends

Hemp seeds are actually fruits, so-called lonely nuts. The cells of the cotyledons are packed with storage substances whose nutritional value is hard to beat for humans and animals: high-quality oil (30-35%), ideally composed protein (mainly the protein "Edestin"), 20-30% carbohydrates and all the important ones Minerals and trace elements, important vitamins, chlorophylls and some flavorings. Toxins and inhibitors, e.g. On the other hand, you cannot find it in rapeseed or soybean seeds in hemp seeds.

The ideal composition of the hemp oil for the new formation of cells in the human body and the correct supply of amino acids for biosynthesis at the same time, together with the necessary trace elements, help to strengthen the immune system. Hemp oil contains three different, long-chain fatty acids and has a composition of these fatty acids, which is ideal for human nutrition.

The predominant fatty acid in terms of quantity is the double-unsaturated linoleic acid followed by the triple-unsaturated alpha-linolenic acid. These two fatty acids are essential for human nutrition because their needs must be met through food intake. What is unique about hemp oil is that it contains the two fatty acids in an optimal ratio of approx. 3: 1 for the metabolism. The correct dosage of hemp oil therefore does not lead to fat storage in the body tissue as quickly as e.g. saturated, hardened vegetable fats or animal fats, the fatty acids of which are mainly fed into the energy balance.

As a particularly valuable component, the hemp oil contains the triple unsaturated gamma-linolenic acid in a metabolically effective amount of 1.5-6%. Gamma-linoleic acid and recently discovered omega-3 stearidonic acid in hemp oil serve as important precursors for the biosynthesis of hormone-like prostaglandins, which perform a variety of tasks in the body, such as in the hormonal balance, in the functioning of nerves and muscles and in controlling blood pressure. Although prostaglandins can usually be produced by the body itself from the essential fatty acid alpha-linolenic acid, stress, incorrect diet or hereditary defects can lead to an undersupply. Hemp seed protein strengthens the human immune system because it is chemically related to immunoglobulins.

Due to its unsaturated fatty acids and gamma-linoleic acid, hemp oil is particularly health-preserving and nutritionally valuable. Because of its above-average nutritional value, hemp seed protein is ideal as an additive to baked goods, soups and other foods.

The reintroduction of hemp seed in our menu is not only a significant step forward towards a healthy, wholesome diet, but also a tasty change in the kitchen plan. Such a non-toxic diet with all the necessary amino and fatty acids, free of cholesterol, BSE pathogens, mast hormones and harmful antibiotics is the best argument for us to reflect on the millennia-old tradition of human-accompanying hemp cultivation with modern breeding and plant physiological agents and throw the utopian fear of the drug monster hemp overboard.

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