Flowermate 'Slick' Vaporizer

The 'Slick' vaporizer is the pen or stick variant of 'Flowermate'. Due to the uncomplicated handling and the excellent price-performance ratio, it is the ideal model for vape beginners. With just one button, the user controls all functions of the device. Three temperature levels – 196° C, 205° C und 215° C (385° F, 405° F and 420° F) - are already preset and can be changed by pressing the button 3 times.

Haptic vibrations give feedback when reaching a temperature level or switching on or off. A coloured LED display around the button indicates which of the three levels has been activated. If this is achieved (which takes about 30 seconds), the vaper can now indulge in the vape for 5 minutes. Thereafter, the heating cycle is automatically stopped, avoiding overheating. Of course, a new vape session can be started directly.

The 'Slick' not only evaporates dry herbs, but also concentrates such as oil and wax. There are different, easy-to-fill tanks to use for the different substances. The tanks have to be inserted in the heating chamber which is made of black ceramic. The capacity of the heating chamber is 0.4g. If you use one of the stainless steel tanks, you can evaporate 0.15g of herbs. So the turn can be very well controlled.

The 'Slick' is a so-called hybrid vaporizer which uses both convection and conduction technique. The herbs or concentrates are evaporated on the one hand by a heated air stream isolated from the electronics, on the other hand by the heating chamber heated by the air flow itself. So much, and also very aromatic and deep vapor is produced. This boosts the vape pleasure!

The 2500mAh strong battery is replaceable, so you can quickly replace it with a charged spare battery, if you have no way to recharge on the go. By the way, a full charge of the battery takes about 2.5 hours. And you do not have to buy a completely new device, if the battery is worn out, too. The battery lasts fully charged for 10-12 vape sessions.

The mouthpiece is made of borosilicate glass and is protected by the magnetic cap. When vaporizing, you can simply fix the cap at the magnetic bottom, so you do not lose it. The outer shell is made of carbon that gives the 'Slick' an elegant look and a good haptical feeling. The safety features such as reverse polarity protection, overheating protection, NTC, low voltage protection and short-circuit protection ensure that the unexperienced vape beginner can fully concentrate on the enjoyment. By the way: the cleaning of the vaporizer is extremely simple, too!

Scope of supply:

  • 1pc ‘Flowermate‘ ‘Slick‘ vaporizer
  • 1pc 2,500mAh high-drain battery
  • 1pc magnetic protective cap
  • 1pc USB cable
  • 1pc stainless steel herb pod
  • 1pc stainless steel oil/wax pod
  • 5pc chamber screens
  • 5pc mouthpiece screens
  • 1pc packing tool/dabber
  • 1pc cleaning brush
  • 1pc warranty information card
  • 1pc user manual de/en

  • Attention: Charging with mains adapter usual in trade with 5 Volt and at least 1000mA power output!


    Convection & Conduction, Ceramic Heating Chamber
    Interchangeable 2500mAh Rechargeable Battery
    Micro USB Port
    2 Years Warranty from Invoice Date

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    Flowermate 'Slick' Vaporizer

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